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tatu November 28, 2012 12:10

Accessing reaction information from PaSR.C

I want to modify the standard PaSR to calculate reaction rates based solely on turbulent mixing, without using Arrhenius data (Eddy-dissipation model). The current PaSR+ODEChemistryModel has no "direct dependency" on turbulent mixing time scale, in that the turbulent time scale appears only in the reactive volume scaling factor, kappa. The actual reaction rates are calculated based on Arrhenius data in ODEChemistryModel.

I figured out that probably the easiest way to proceed would be to modify the PaSR files, by copy-pasting the original PaSR folder to and by giving it a different name.

I would like to have an access to the reaction data (list of reactions, stoichiometric coefficients, etc.), as is done in the standard ODEChemistryModel.

What is the easiest way to access this reaction data?

I thought I could simply use a pointer to the ODEChemistryModel (this->pChemistry_ in PaSR). ODEChemistryModel.H has the following line in the list of public member functions:

inline const PtrList<Reaction<ThermoType> >& reactions() const;
Therefore, I thought, I could get the list of reactions simply with the following line:

However, as a result the compiler prints the following errors:

error: ‘const class Foam::psiChemistryModel’ has no member named ‘reactions’
error: ‘const class Foam::rhoChemistryModel’ has no member named ‘reactions’

Any ideas how to access the reaction information from PaSR?



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