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firat December 9, 2012 08:56

OpenFOAM and nvidia maximus

I'm totally newbie to CFD but just started to learn these days. Here is my question: my professor asked me to chose a workstation to work on CFD using OpenFoam. then i started to look at dell and hp workstations and there is this technology called nvidia maximus: i think you know about this tech. so would you tell me how maximus is used in openfoam? or a more fundamental question is that can i take advantage of nvidia maximus as i will run bunch of simulations? if so, where will this take place? i mean, i don't think that i'll write the code as usual and hit run and then thanks to maximus working under the hood it will run super fast and everything is ok.
* i think that i need to modify source code or something like that.
* and there is this thing called parallel programming i think i need to know, right?

can anyone benefitting maximus tell me the process step by step?

and finally, assuming that OF and nvidia maximus works together pretty well, which configuration i should pick for max computational power?
* one intel E5 series CPU and a kepler series quadro GPU + tesla
* dual intel E5 series CPUs and dual kepler series quadro and no tesla
* ... any of your suggestion with reasoning.

thank you.

kmooney December 10, 2012 13:17

Hi Firat,

Utilizing any GPU acceleration should be an afterthought. If you're brand new to CFD and OpenFOAM just installing OF, understanding the case structure, and sorting though basic source code is a significant challenge in itself.

I say revisit the GPU idea in a year or so and see if you want to pursue something like that.

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