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niklas December 18, 2012 16:49

iphone/android applications
This post is just an excuse to advertise my iphone applications so Im not going to do that :)
Im just going to say that you can search for my name on itunes to find them.

One is to calculate the initial mass fractions based on fuel, lambda and EGR.
Something that makes my life a lot easier when setting up a combustion case.

The other works like a property database, where you can visualize typical
common functions used to describe thermodynamic properties.
this also makes life easier when you want to calculate various properties, like
densities, viscosities, cp et c. for different substances at various pressures and temperatures.

But I realize that there might be more people than me that has written something so
Im wondering if anyone has written an iphone applications that would be useful for working with cfd/openfoam or engineering problems in general for that matter.

or android for that matter.

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