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Tobi January 15, 2013 08:03

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Hey all,

I wanna build a two fluid solver for research of mixing two different fluids (e.g. methan + air).

I can use the reactingFoam solver but thats too expensive (calculation time).
I made a scalarRhoSimpleFoam which gives good results but I am mixing Air/Air. Inlet 1 = scalar = 0 || inlet2 = scalar = 1.

So I consider the mixing of the added conserved scalar but due to the same density of the inlets (air / air) there is an error.

I made an compare of my solver and the reactingFoam solver (added pictures).
You can see that the reactingFoam solver gives a better result due to the density of the different fluids and therefor you ll get other velocity values and other mixing values.

So I thought building a solver which uses two fluids (constant/transportProperties or thermodynamics) with different physical properties it should be possible to be more accurate then the scalar solver. Is that right?

How can I manage that?
I dont wanna get a complete solution but some ideas what 's necessary would be very nice.

Thanks tobi

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