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rxgrch January 24, 2013 02:51

Hello Foamers;

Now I am going to implement FDM in OpenFOAM, which tends to support high order difference schemes. first I want to implement FDM in OpenFOAM, so who had done this work can give some advice for this? Here is my question:

1. mesh: I think structure grid will be my aim, which I think I can reuse the FVMesh code in current code, but how about unstructed grid?

2. field: I think I can define the field in the cell centre, which is the same as FVM in OpenFOMA

3. matrix: ldumatrix may be had to be modified a lot for FDM, because the coefficients is just stored for the face shared by two cells. besides, the lduAddressing is also needed to be modified for FDM in my opinion, for more coefficients between two cells with no shared face

4. ldusolvers: because the matrix had to change, so the ldusolvers also had to change

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