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otq January 29, 2013 15:07

Questions on H2O.H
I'm interested in using the H2O.H thermo model with the chtMultiRegionFoam solver to better model compressible water in a conjugate heat transfer system.
The current chtMultiRegionFoam setup of the thermoproperties as:

thermoType hRhoThermo<pureMixture<constTransport<specieThermo <hConstThermo<incompressible>>>>>;

From the user guide I understand it is describing the thermoModel<mixturemodel<transportmodel<speciemode l<propertymodel<compressibility> but that is the syntax for hRhoThermo.

Since I want to use water and not a gas, what is the proper syntax to call and use H2O.H since it describes all the properties of water based solely on T, P?

I also know that the chtMultiRegionFoam and all the fluid set field files will have to be changed to reflect the change in the thermoModel so any insight into proper syntax in these files would also be appreciated.

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