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nikesh February 13, 2013 03:23

Standard k-epsilon based Nonequilibrium turbulent viscosity model
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I have been trying to implement a non equilibrium turbulent viscosity model (Akira Yoshizawa et al.) into OpenFOAM. The turbulence quantities (k and epsilon) are governed by the same equations of the standard k-epsilon model.

At the moment I am trying to validate my code for the case of a 2D flat plate turbulent boundary layer and compare the results I've obtained using LaunderSharmaKE model. I could obtain the results but they are not making sense to me. I have attached here the equations of the model and the code that I have used. I also have included the results.

I have as well made use of a low Reynolds-number corrections as proposed by Abe et al. I have included those equations too.

I would be really thankful if someone with insights in this field looked into it and shed me some light in this matter.

Thanks in advance!!

nikesh February 13, 2013 03:53

Result files
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The result file is attached here.

What I have done here is that I have limited the blending functions.

1. min(fMu,1) and min(sqr(Rt), 50)
2. fMu-limited, Rt-not limited
3. fMu-not limited, Rt-limited

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