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LarsPT February 26, 2013 04:39

Official OpenFOAM(R) training courses: Are they worth it?
Dear community,

currently I started a new project in the field of chemical engineering that involves some heavy modeling in with OpenFOAM(R). Hence, I'm considering to book one of the official OpenFOAM(R) training courses offered at .

Do you have already participated in one of those courses? Then, what is your experience? And are they worth it?

Further, I'm not sure which course it best suited for me, foundation or advanced. I have been working with OpenFOAM for almost three years now, mainly interFoam but also incompressible and compressible flow solvers. Also, I already applied some changes to some solvers, e.g., adding scalar transport equations and simple evaporation in interFoam. So, I know some basics about OpenFOAM(R). My personal background is chemical engineering but I specialized in analytical and numerical modeling during my courses and student projects. Thus, I'm familiar with some heavy math.

So, based on the information I gave, what can you recommend?

Thanks very much in advance!



P.S.: If the subforum is not suited for this topic, I would kindly ask the moderators to move the thread. Thanks!

thg February 27, 2013 05:59

Dear Lars,

from your experience, your are definitely a candidate for an advance course.
Check the description of the different courses and try to judge what suites you most. Usually, an advanced course is a mixture from advanced applications and programming.
Since I am biased (we have our own introduction and advanced course,
see my post - OpenFoam Announcements from Other Sources)
I dont want to make comments about competitors, but you can give me a call or send me an email (contact link in the post cited above).


LarsPT February 28, 2013 05:49

Thanks for your answer, Thorsten. I will check out the contents of those courses to see what is best for me.

As you already said, I tend more towards the advanced courses because I prefer being challenged over being bored. ;)



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