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Mobz February 27, 2013 14:33

Making a Cluster with servers at different locations?
Hi OpenFOAMer

I am seaking some advice related to running OpenFOAM on a cluster.
As far as I had been able to figure out it is possible to run OpenFOAM on a cluster. Right?

My question is: Is it possible to make a cluster basen on ex. 5 servers only connected though the Internet?

Is the limited bandwidth/delay time between the server the bottleneck?

Im think of making a program that can connect servers into a cluster for running OpenFOAM and I am therefore looking for people with more experience that can tell me if it is even possible?

Thank you for your time!

wyldckat February 27, 2013 18:16

Greetings Mads and welcome to the forum!

If I understand your questions correctly, then you better read this thread:

Best regards,

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