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nikesh March 7, 2013 11:06

How to deal with the divergence terms.....??
I need to introduce a new term in the new turbulence model that I've been working on.
Mathematically it is written as::

D/Dt(k/omega) = div.(phi k/omega), { considering steady state and incompressible flow}

Now I would define this as::

volScalarField DDTkw = fvc::div(phi_,k_/omega_);

This DDTkw field will later be used in some other expressions.
But we know that openFoam uses FVM to solve the RHS of this eqn. Which means, I will obtain,

volScalarField DDTkw = "integral of div(phi,k/omega) dV"

So my questions are::
1) Is my concept correct?? Did I get it right until this point?

If yes, my second question follows::
2) The term that I require is only


i.e. without the "integral......dV",

How do I deal with this? Anybody with any idea in this regard??
Any heads up highly appreciated.



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