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Sören Sander March 8, 2013 07:40

Adding a new breakup model to sprayFoam
Hello everyone,

I try to implement a new breakup model to the solver sprayFoam. Therefore, I copied the solver files to a new folder. I found the submodels in the OF folder /src/lagrangian/spray. I copied them to my folder and run "wmake libso". This works, however, the files are still linked to the ones in the /src/lagrangian/spray and not to my own folder. E.g. if I change something in the submodel breakup files, it will not affect the compilation.

How can I link the files to my own folder?

I had a look into the Make/options. There are lots of links to the src/lagrangian/... but none to the /spray folder.

niklas March 8, 2013 08:08

Sören Sander March 11, 2013 07:50

Hello Niklas,

thanks for the description in the wiki. I forgot to change "TypeName" into something like "myOwnModel". For readers with the same problem:
I followed the tutorial in the wiki, but with the difference, that I cannot compile in the original OpenFOAM folder. Thus, I had to copy the whole solver into a new direction. I added the link to my spray in the /Make/options file, but forgot to delete the old link (which was directly reffering to the src/ files).

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