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giack March 11, 2013 05:46

compute U in p.Eqn in interfoam
Hi to all,
i am a bit confused in the computed of U in the pEqn.H of interFoam
why is computed as follow?
U += rAU*fvc::reconstruct((phi - phiU)/rAUf)

I compare it with the PISO algorithm in wich U is computed as:
U -= rUA*fvc::grad(p);

thanks to all

fumiya March 18, 2013 09:53

This topic is discussed in several threads:
The following documents cover most of the points about interFoam including this topic:
Regarding the "reconstruct" function, you might want to see the following thread:
Best regards,

giack March 18, 2013 10:23

Thank you very much for your help
I have another question: in the first document that you send me the compression term is discretized as show in 114 but in i look in the code and the discretization is different. In the code, in fact, is used a quadratic compression scheme as follow:

min(max(4*min(phiP*(1 - phiP), phiN*(1 - phiN)), 0), 1)

the two scheme are similar?what is better?

Thank you very much for your willingnes

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