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lucky1729 March 11, 2013 17:29

GSoC 2013 - dual contours algorithm and saving standard obj files

I would like to participate in this year's google summer of code. Last semester as part of my course project I worked on solving Stephan's equation, for crystallization problem for which I had to rely on other softwares to get standard .obj files for surface reconstruction. Currently the .obj files that can be obtained using OpenFOAM are not supported by renderers like Mitsuba.

I am planning to write a post-processing utility in OpenFOAM framework using dual-contouring algorithm so that rendering results can be much faster than what we can do currently in OpenFOAM.

Could anybody let me know whether this can be a suitable project for GSoC under OpenFOAM if OpenFOAM participates in GSoC-2013?

Lakshman Anumolu

akidess March 11, 2013 17:47

I believe this should be possible, but I am no expert. I would recommend you to contact ESi/OpenCFD and consulting companies such as Wikki, ICON, etc. as you will need a mentoring organization to participate from what I understand.

lucky1729 March 12, 2013 11:12

Thanks Anton for the reply. I realized I was wrong upto some extent. OBJsurfaceFormat class does support the issues I mentioned above, though it still doesn't include dual contour algorithm, which is not needed in general except for the users who are using signed distance functions and decided to use dual contour.

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