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sfigato March 19, 2013 05:15

Implementation of Homogeneous Multiphase Model for Cavitation
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Hi Foamers,

I would like to implement a Homogeneous Multiphase Model for Cavitation in OpenFoam (which refers to the FULL CAVITATION MODEL developed by Singhal et al.)!

It uses the standard viscous flow equations for variable fluid density! I try to modify the pimpleFoam solver and I add the density to the velocity equation! Nevrtheless I get a lot of problems to add this variable density to the pressure equation!

Does anyone have some thints to do it?
Moreover, I would like to have some opinion about which is the most suitable software in order to implement on this model!

Any hints is welcome!!


P.S.:The files in attachment corrspond to:

UEqn: my modified version of U equation (it is right in order to account for a variable density?)

PEqn: the unmodified version of incompressible pimple equation

egp March 20, 2013 03:14


sfigato March 20, 2013 03:35

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Dear Eric,

I already tried to modify the "InterPhaseChangeFoam" but it does not fit well!!
The reason is:

"InterPhaseChangeFoam" uses a VOF approach and the FullCavitationModel is based on a homogeneous Multiphase Model (standard viscous flow equation with variable fluid density) plus
a trasport scalar equation for the mass fraction (and not the volume fraction)!

Moreover, I need to account for a constant amount of air (dissolved and undissolved) that are not in

I solved the problem in the last post, though I got another problem (more difficult)! How can I change the viscosity in UEqn in order to account for the multiphase viscosity (obviously by keeping the effect of turbulence viscosity)

Here is the trial solver (Although it compiles I'am not pretty sure about it)!

If you have some hint feel free to tell me (also some more details about Why I must use "InterPhaseChangeFoam").


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