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ahmmedshakil April 11, 2013 03:57

Moving workpiece instead of Heat source Problem
I'm facing a strange problem...I'm solving the equation below
dT/dt - v* dT/dx - (k/rho*Cp) (d2T/dx2+d2T/dy2+d2T/dz2) =0

v= welding speed
My intention is to instead of moving the heat source I want to move the work piece itself.
In OpenFOAM, I have modelled the equation like this:

volVectorField gradT = fvc::grad(T);
volScalarField dtdx = gradT.component(0);
fvm::ddt(T) - fvm::laplacian(DT, T) - VX*dtdx
For declaration of VX I have tried following both ways:
1. dimensionedScalarField
2. volVectorField and then taking X component of the velocity (VX)
But the problem is that, solution is acting like a fixed heat's not moving....
Anyone can give me idea to work out this .....Thnx in advance

cpro April 20, 2013 23:17

Why are you multiplying the dT/dx term by a field? Does the welding speed vary with location? It seems that a dimensionedScalar would work if the welding speed in constant across the entire system (though not necessarily constant in time).

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