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thomas99 April 11, 2013 08:15

OpenFoam Doesn't recognize LESModel as a valid selection
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Hi All,

Using the the thread:

I managed to add temperature to pisoFoam for use in LES computations. Everything seems to compile fine but when I run a test case I get an error message telling:

Unknown turbulenceModel type LESModel

Valid turbulenceModel types:


When I switch to a laminar case everything seems to run but I would like to do LES.

I have searched the forums but have been unable to find a solution. Does anyone have an answer? The case is too large to post. I have posted instead the code files. Thanks in advance.


wyldckat April 14, 2013 10:49

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Greetings Tom,

The one I've attached seems to work, at least in OpenFOAM 2.2.

Please, for the next time you have a similar issue:
  1. Even if your case is too big, you could have adapted one of OpenFOAM's tutorials. I had to adapt the tutorial "incompressible/pisoFoam/les/pitzDaily" in order to test pisoTFoam :rolleyes:.
  2. The package you provided was not ready to be tested. It only provided the source code files, it did not provide the file "Make/files" and "Make/options".
    And it was not packed inside a folder, which is therefore considered to be a tarbomb: ;)
    • Anyway, what I did was to copy the source code of "pisoFoam" and adapt accordingly:

      cp -r $FOAM_APP/solvers/incompressible/pisoFoam pisoTFoam
edit: oops, sorry, I had forgotten to attach the file :rolleyes:

Best regards,

thomas99 April 16, 2013 08:48

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for the answer. After some testing and reading what you said it seems that there was no problem with my code but with compiling. I tried on another computer with another OpenFOAM installation and it worked. Although I am working on a Linux machine I guess the proper libraries were not being included...maybe an issue with my installation...but i can sort that out.

Sorry about not posting time I'll do it right.

Best regards,

Gosi September 11, 2013 19:49

hi bruno,

i want to run a LES calculation for a rotating pipe with the boundary conditions of constant heat flux or constant temperature.
i want to evaluate the rms of temperature fluctuations, streamwise turbulent heat flux, azimuthal turbulent heat flux, wall-normal turbulent heat flux and reynold shear stress.
is this possible?
could you give me some more information about pisoTFoam?
What is this solver actually calculating?

best regards


wyldckat September 14, 2013 09:24

Greetings Simon,

I simply fixed the broken dependency that the solver had. As indicated in the first post, read this thread:
The simplest tutorial on this topic is this one:

As for what you want to do: I think it is all possible to do with OpenFOAM, or at least with the help of ParaView.

As for how to actually achieve each task, I suggest you create a new dedicated thread to this case of yours and detail your case and intended calculations, as explained here:

Best regards,

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