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c_dowd April 15, 2013 06:43

Firefoam fuel consumption rate?
Hi all.
I've been playing around with the firefoam solver, and have noticed the fuel seems to be dispersing too quickly. This doesn't seem to be due to the diffusion rate alphaEff, and as far as I can tell it results from the combustion->R(Yi) term for the species equation. However, all I can find out about this term is that it represents the fuel consumption rate. I can't find where this is calculated in the combustion models, and I don't understand exactly how it works. Can anyone explain exactly what this term is, and how it works?

c_dowd April 15, 2013 07:26

It seems that commenting this term out results in less fuel dispersion, as I'd expect, however it also results in the temperature going through the roof, which I can't work out at all, as the species equation shouldn't be affecting the energy equation directly and the fuel is still at a reasonable concentration.

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