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DownloadMoarRam April 16, 2013 11:25

Granular Gas Steady Room Flow Turbulence Simulation
Hey Y'all! In working with researcher Dr. Agostino Funel, Ph.D., from the Italian National Agency of New Technologies (ENEA) [1], on a 3-dimensional Steady Room Flow Turbulence model. Recently I have been attempting to mimic dust/sand patterning (for complex fluids) in this system - as in, how do the granular-gas mixture fluids respond to shear stress and other mechanical operations as compared to the air movement.

Currently there is a piping duct system that relays air in the simulation, I decided that I wanted to concentrate the air flow patterns to the pipe and see the particle movement and turbulence flows. However I am encountering both errors with the actual coding and memory overload errors (hoping to resolve these with the optimisation - as per Dr. Henry G. Weller, OpenFOAM Limited, suggestions).

The code is accessible on the ENEA website [2] and I would like to hear thoughts on proceeding and how to resolve the memory errors? Thoughts, comments, and concerns help me a great deal! I look forward to hearing from you all!


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