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aegean333 May 10, 2013 05:34

How to make a smooth interface for multiphase flow with dynamic mesh?<a ...;0&quot;/></a>Hi all,
I developed a solver which can work with dynamic mesh based on multiphaseInterFoam. The dynamicRefineFvMesh (like interDyMFoam) was used to deal with the mesh motion. I tested the solver on a water-oil-air 3-phase flow. The solver works well but I am not so satisfied with the simulation results, because the interface is not smooth.

I attached a picture of the interface (plotted by alphaair=0.5) to make the question more clearly. The dynamic mesh was refined by the field of alphaoil (0.001-0.999). Some oil droplets distributes under the interface, so the related meshes were refined in the center. The inhomogeneity meshes on the interface result in a rough interface.

I think I did not choose a good mesh motion method. The dynamicRefineFvMesh is not the best choice for my case.
I want to make the mesh refined only for the oil phase, and the oil layer moves along the z-axis. I think itís better to set a box with refined meshes (oil is inside) and let it move with a constant velocity along the z-axis. Does anybody have idea how to do it?<a ...;0&quot;/></a>

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