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tatu May 10, 2013 10:31

Dilatation disspation correction to to k-epsilon

I'm using OF 2.1.1 and I'm trying to include a compressibility correction (dilatation dissipation) term to the k equation of the compressible RNG k-epsilon model. For this term I need the local speed of sound of the gas. Therefore, I need the pressure, temperature, and heat capacity of the (multispecies) gas I'm studying. What would be the easiest way to access these properties in the compressible RNG k-epsilon code?

So the speed of sound would be something like this:
volScalarField c = sqrt(thermo.Cp()/(thermo.Cp()-rPsi/T)*rPsi);
where rPsi = 1/psi = p/rho.
(rho is already available in the code).


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