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massive_turbulence May 24, 2013 11:29

Is there a template for this problem (convection)?
Hello All,

I wondered if the OpenFoam template library had a setup for a problem where I have a container filled with a gas (lets say air) and I used convection to heat up the gas.

Description of problem:

The container is 2d or 3d which can be either square or cubic and the boundaries can also be arbitrary but the point of the problem is to illustrate convection.

For the 2d problem; the square is made of 4 walls, 3 of which are perfect insulators and one is a perfect conductor (or made of tungsten) and a flame is adiabatically heating the tungsten side of the square container (this is the 2d version of the problem).

The air inside the container has initial conditions of being isotropic and at room temp and as the conductive part of the square heats up, the pressure on the walls becomes evenly spread out but the distribution of heat inside the container is not evenly spread out due to convection.

Is there some easy way to solve this with OpenFoam?

nimasam May 25, 2013 03:55

look at OpenFOAM tutorials in heat transfer section for example following solvers test cases:
bouyantSimpleFoam or bouyantBoussinqSimpleFoam

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