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pbohorquez June 7, 2013 18:34

How to get A() and H() from blockLduMatrix

I have defined a fvVectorMatrix equation for the velocity and it includes coupled terms. After solving it in a coupled way (predictor step), I want to recover the segregated functionalities. There are some operators in blockMatrix/BlockLduMatrix/BlockLduMatrix.H that I would like to use in the corrector stage similar to the segregated approach. That is, the old operators
volScalarField rUA = 1.0/UEqn.A();
W = rUA*UEqn.H();
There are son functions as Amul(TypeField& Ax, cons TypeFiled& x), H(...), Tmul(...), etc that I don't know how to employ to this end.

Could you please give me a hint?
Thanks, Patricio

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