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Azanulbizar June 12, 2013 21:10

RhocentralFoam + Lagrangian Particle Tracking

Does anyone try to attempt to combine rhocentralfoam with LPT for newer version of Openfoam (v2.1 and beyond)

There is a thread regarding this matter but using the codes posted, it doesnt work at all especially when it comes to the createFields.H file.

The programmer of the code used this line of code:

pointMesh pMesh(mesh);
volPointInterpolation vpi(mesh, pMesh);

Info<< "Constructing kinematicCloud1" << endl;
basicKinematicCloud kinematicCloud1

where he used vpi function to interpolate gas phase quantities at the position of the Lagrangian particle from the nearest cell centres.

However, the codes doesnt work in the newer openfoam. It gives a lot of errors.

Can anyone please offer some inputs in this matter?

Thank you very much.

nisha November 28, 2013 13:15

Hello Azanulbizar,

Did you solve the problem you posted ?

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