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dav.dap83 June 13, 2013 17:46

User-defined classes compiling error
Dear all,

I am trying to develop a modified version of some Lagrangian classes, namely Cloud, KinematicCloud, CollidingCloud and also the derived basicKinematicCollidingCloud. I placed the source files in $WM_PROJECT_USER_DIR/src. Then I added the following line to $WM_PROJECT_DIR/wmake/Makefile:


I included a modified library to the C file of a solver I developed via #include command, and added the following lines to the Make/options file:


-I$(LIB_USER_SRC)/lagrangian/basic/lnInclude \
-I$(LIB_USER_SRC)/lagrangian/intermediate/lnInclude \

When I compile the solver, it rises the following error:


In file included from /Users/Davide/Documents/Davide-2.2.0/src/lagrangian/intermediate/lnInclude/basicKinematicCollidingCloud.H:35:0,
                from interParcelFoam.C:48:
/Users/Davide/Documents/Davide-2.2.0/src/lagrangian/basic/lnInclude/Cloud.H:73:17: error: expected class-name before ',' token

that is: the modified file Cloud.H includes cloud.H the compiler succeeds in finding this file since no error is risen. However, it seems it does not read its content.

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