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nick.not.used June 17, 2013 13:01

MPI error with IBM XL compiler in the mesh constructor
Dear all, I compiled on an IBM machine OpenFOAM with XL compilers (only the rhoPimpleFoam executable). I tried the angledDuct tutorial, and a version is correctly working in serial, and using the gnu toolchain it is properly working also in parallel. However when I run the XL-compiled version I get an MPI error when computing the bounding box, in the mesh constructor. I attach below the stack trace
Stack Trace. The exact error is in a "message truncated" error in an MPI_recv:

Fatal error in MPI_Recv: Message truncated, error stack:
MPI_Recv(184)........: MPI_Recv(buf=0x1e16ff65a0, count=24, MPI_PACKED, src=23, tag=1, MPI_COMM_WORLD, status=0x1e16ff6380) failed
MPIDI_Buffer_copy(73): Message truncated; 393 bytes received but buffer size is 24

This usually happens when the amount of data sent does not correspond to the amount of data received.

Does anyone have a clue on where should I look for a possible error, or which test could I perform?
Thank you

Stack trace:
.raise, FP=1dbfff3120
.abort, FP=1dbfff32e0
C MPID_Abort, FP=1dbfff4ca0
C MPIR_Err_return_comm, FP=1dbfff5d80
C PMPI_Recv, FP=1dbfff62e0
C++ Foam::UIPstream::read, FP=1dbfff63e0
C++ ...ctor<double>,Foam::minOp<Foam::Vector<double> > >, FP=1dbfff6680
C++ Foam::boundBox::calculate, FP=1dbfff6960
C++ Foam::boundBox::boundBox, FP=1dbfff6a40
C++ Foam::processorPolyPatch::initGeometry, FP=1dbfff6c40
C++ Foam::polyBoundaryMesh::calcGeometry, FP=1dbfff6da0
C++ Foam::polyMesh::not-in-charge polyMesh, FP=1dbfff7ca0
C++ Foam::fvMesh::fvMesh, FP=1dbfff82c0
C++ main, FP=1dbfffba00
.generic_start_main, FP=1dbfffbd00
.__libc_start_main, FP=1dbfffbdc0

Paolo Crosetto

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