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sharonyue July 4, 2013 20:28

laplacian(rAU, p) == fvc::div(phiHbyA)?
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In icoFoam's code, we have:

fvScalarMatrix pEqn
                    fvm::laplacian(rAU, p) == fvc::div(phiHbyA)

Why its not div(HbyA) as of the equation in the image?

This equation is deduced by myself. If it was wrong just correct me.

santiagomarquezd July 5, 2013 08:16

Check chapter 2.7 in my PhD thesis, the link to it is provided in my user page at


sharonyue July 7, 2013 20:20

I figure this out, after I get\nabla  u=0, I should make an integration first instead of substitution of u.

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