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glasenapp July 22, 2013 03:44

foamToCGNS and cgnsToFoam for OpenFOAM-2.1.1
Hello foamers,

since there have been questions on how to compile the converters foamToCGNS and cgnsToFoam for the current OpenFOAM versions, I made a list of what needs to be changed in order to use them for OpenFOAM-2.1.1:


edit Turbomachinery/applications/utilities/postProcessing/dataConversion/foamToCGNS/ foamToCGNS.C:

line 161 old: volPointInterpolation pInterp(mesh, pMesh);
new: volPointInterpolation pInterp(mesh);

edit Turbomachinery/applications/utilities/postProcessing/dataConversion/foamToCGNS/ Make/options
change order of „RAS“ and „incompressible“

line 15 old: -I$(WM_PROJECT_DIR)/src/turbulenceModels/RAS/incompressible/lnInclude \
new: -I$(WM_PROJECT_DIR)/src/turbulenceModels/incompressible/RAS/lnInclude \


go to Turbomachinery/applications/utilities/mesh/conversion/cgnsToFoam

edit CGNSBoundaryConditions.C:

line 244 old: Foam::FatalErrorIn("CGNSBoundaryConditions::addBou ndaryPatch")
new: FatalErrorIn("CGNSBoundaryConditions::addBoundaryPatch")
line 818 old: return Foam::mathematicalConstant::pi*degree/180.0;
new: return Foam::constant::mathematical::pi*degree/180.0;
line 1029 old: Foam::FatalErrorIn("computeMatchingCyclicFaces")
new: FatalErrorIn("computeMatchingCyclicFaces")
lines 1177/1178 old: patchPhysicalTypes
new: patchPhysicalTypes,


edit Turbomachinery/src/cgnstools_2.5/Allwmake
line 27
old: make TKLIBS="-L/usr/lib64 -ltcl8.4 -ltk8.4" TKOGLXLIB="-L/usr/X11R6/lib64 -lXmu -lXext"
new: make TKLIBS="-L/usr/lib64 -ltcl8.4 -ltk8.4" TKOGLXLIB="-L/usr/X11R6/lib64 -lXmu -lXext" TKINCS="-I/usr/include/tcl"

copy /src/finiteVolume/interpolation/pointVolInterpolation folder from OF-1.5-dev or OF-1.6-ext to current version and coyp links of files to the lnInclude directory

ignore errors „could not open file structure_t.H“, „could not open file cgnsmll.H“ and „could not open file checkerror.H“


akashjangid August 12, 2013 08:00

cgnsToFoam: command not found

I have a mesh in cgns format and i am using OpenFOAM-2.1.1. I did the changes as told by glasenapp, but its still showing error

ln: creating symbolic link `mesh.cgns': File exists
./Allrun: line 10: cgnsToFoam: command not found
Running simpleFoam...

Any suggestions? Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

broinel February 22, 2014 03:59

foamToCGNS and cgnsToFoam for OpenFOAM-2.3.0
Hello everyone!

I've been trying the last day to set up the cgns-tools with OF 2.3.0.
Here my experience and progress so far: as i usually not working on linux i post also some beginner stuff.

This is what finally made it (very close) to work:

1. Do the steps described by glasenapp.
- Note: Some of the steps are already included in the recent CGNS version
- Note: the lnInclude directory you'll find in your OpenFoam directory /src/finiteVolume/lnInclude. You can create links with (make sure you're SU):

ln -s /opt/openfoam230/src/finiteVolume/interpolation/pointVolInterpolation/* /opt/openfoam230/src/finiteVolume/lnInclude/
2. run Allwmake in your /TurboMachinery/src directory. I had to install the following to things:
- apt-get install automake
- apt-get install libtool

3. run Allwmake in your /TurboMachinery/applications directory

After that i can now use the cgnsToFoam (Test-Case 1) was ok!

I get an error in test case 2: "FOAM FATA ERROR: More than six unsigned transforms detected: ...."

"From function void Foam::globalIndexAndTransform:determineTransforms( ) ..."

any suggestions?


sivakumar April 7, 2014 14:07

Hi There,
I tried to compile cgns in OF-2.1.1 (standard Version not extended version), and I downloaded the OF-1.6.1-ext, then copied the pointVolInterpolation to the current version.

Then I have given link

ln -s /opt/openfoam211/src/finiteVolume/interpolation/pointVolInterpolation/* /opt/openfoam211/src/finiteVolume/lnInclude
Then I executed ./Allwmake at turbomachinery/src

I am getting the following message:

See config.h for further configuration information.
+ make
cd . && aclocal -I config
/bin/bash: aclocal: command not found
make: *** [aclocal.m4] Error 127
+ make install
cd . && aclocal -I config
/bin/bash: aclocal: command not found
make: *** [aclocal.m4] Error 127
+ popd

I am not sure what I am doing,

Can any tell me what to do?

when I try to run cgnsToFoam, I am getting output "command not found",



sivakumar April 8, 2014 07:10

Problem solved

FernandoSoares August 24, 2015 09:17

Hi Sivakumar,

would you mind sharing how you solved that issue? I'm also trying to compile it here and I'm getting the same error messages. I've already followed the steps mentioned by Tobias in the beginning of this post.

Many thanks in advance,

F. Soares

hamcer November 11, 2015 23:54

Hello! Fernando

try these

apt-get install automake
apt-get install libtool

qjh888 December 5, 2016 23:49

Hi foamers,

I want to compile the foamToCgns coverters into foam extend 3.0,
Any suggestions?


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