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dl6tud September 2, 2013 11:23

Multiphase: Boundary condition at interface
I do multiphase simulation of two electrical conducting fluids. I was wondering if there is a possibility to introduce some boundary condition between the 2 fluids? I would like to send an electrical current through the fluids and have to ensure, that the gradient of the current is equal in both fluids at the interface.

I was thinking about the surface tension of the fluids and the inter-facial tension which must be implemented somehow. Maybe that could be a first approach?

chirs March 24, 2014 07:51

Hi mate,

Are you working with electrohydrodynamic? I am stuck in the same problem. did you fixed it ?

Thanks in advance

Astrodan May 15, 2014 08:29

I assume none of you have found anything so far? I'm facing a similar problem, only with radiation.

Currently it's all just theoretically, and I have no work done in that direction, but I plan to run the simulation with an interFoam based solver.

Current idea: The interface tracking works by applying a factor somewhere along the lines of alpha * (1-alpha), which is close to zero anywhere apart from the interface. SO I'd consider just adding my interface condition to the equation and "damping" it with above factor normalised over 0.25. For a sharper interface you could also use the squared value.

I'm not sure if that would work for your case, since you want to control the gradient, but maybe you can develop on that idea. Or maybe my idea is crap all along ;).

Still, if you two want help supplying a bit more information from the start (e.g. multiphase modelling type) wouldn't hurt.

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