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oswald September 3, 2013 11:25

Access precalculated k-field in lagrangian dispersion model
Hello Foamers,

I have some results from a very time consuming transient simulation, let's say for 0.01s, 0.02s, 0.03s and so on. Now I want to use them for lagrangian particle tracking including turbulent dispersion of the particles. So the solver has to read the necessary fields for each time step and then the particle movement is calculated with the current fields. Almost everything works, except the dispersion model, I think.

At first I tried to simply re-read the turbulence fields every time step just like the other fields. But I think as long as the turbulence is not corrected, the fields of the first time steps are used.

Question 1) Is this right?

Then I tried to use turbulence->correct() for each time step. But this takes a lot of time and after some time steps the calculation crashes because the calculation does not converge.

Now I tried to build my own dispersion model which should directly read the turbulence-fields and not via a given turbulence model. It is not very elegant, but it would be sufficient for me because I have a lot of these simulations which are in principle the same.

Question 2) How can I access the necessary turbulence fields within the dispersion model class?

Question 3) Is there an easier solution?

Thank you very much in advance!

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