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jf115009 September 25, 2013 05:00

The meaning and use of pRefCell and pRefValue
hello everyone
I am a new user for OF.During the process,I have encountered many questions,but now I have a touchy question. who can explain the meaning and use of pRefCell and pRefValue ? It's better give me some advice about learning OF for a new user.


haakon September 25, 2013 09:58

To state it simple, and to avoid creating a post with only two links:
Imagine an incompressible case where all the boundaries have a zero-gradient pressure condition. What is the pressure inside the domain? Impossible to calculate. The equation system of such a case is thus ill-posed, and we need some more information to calculate the answer. Therefore we select pRefCell and set the pressure in that cell to pRefValue. Then we can solve the system.

Remember that the pressure in an incompressible simulation is somewhat strange, as it is more like a driving force than a physical quantity, as only the relative differences have any meaning.

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