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Zen September 25, 2013 10:27

boxTurb16 and dnsFoam : finer grids.
Hello everybody,

I am working with dnsFoam on decaying isotropic turbulence.

I have followed the tutorial " A boxturb16 and dnsFoam tutorial" available to everyone online.

I tried to refine the grid first with a 32x32x32 grid and then with a 64x64x64 grid.
The results for the enrgy spectrum are curious though.

For the 32-grid case, when I plot the enrgy spectrum in tecplot, the slope of the "-5/3 part of the graph" is -3.9 .
The only thing that changed from the 16-grid case is deltaT, which was decreased (as obvious for a finer grid).

Any idea of the reason for this behaviour?

Thanks in advance,


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