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Byxon October 4, 2013 06:55

pisoFoam LES turbulent model + temperature
Hello guys,
at the begining few words about the case, It is tube with steady coolant flow ( water ) with concentrical cylinder inside the tube which let the coolant flow but interfere it. I have managed to solve the problem with LES model in pisoFOAM as a case without heat source. Now I would like to add a temperature on the cylinder wall ( as a uniform heat source ). I have tried the popular solution for the icoFoam and also I have tried to use some sollutions posted in other threads but I cant even recompile solver or start iterations while using it. I dont wanna specify errors for now, what I wanted to ask is if some1 could let me see working pisoFoam solver with temperature pool, i mean modyfied pisoFoam.C , createFields.H ,TEqn.H, variables from 0. folder , files from constant folder except polyMesh ofc, fvSchemes and fvSoultion. What would be the case problem doesn't rlly matter I just want to compare working files to mine and workout sth on myself. ( different than the Matt_B 's thread which I found )
Best Regards

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