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fogl October 23, 2013 08:16

cannot find -llibrary
I succesfully changed the engine library and moveEngineMesh utility (i named them engineRev3 and moveEngineMeshRev3). Now i would like to compile a new Revision of them. I made a copy of Rev3 and named it Rev4 - same as i did before. I successfully compiled the engineRev4 library, but i can not compile the moveEngineMesh. I wmake returns the "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lengineRev4" error. Any idea why is that? I did not change anything except the name.

I can find Rev3 and Rev4 li9brary at

I also fond the Rev3 (but not the Rev4) at

I am not sure how did this copy of Rev3 library got there and if missing of Rev4 could be the reason for the error.

Any idea what could be the problem?


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