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cfdsat November 8, 2013 09:27

particle transport
Hello All,

I am trying to simulate particle transport (spray injection) in a room with three walls. I would like to specify the different spray boundary condition for different walls. Presently I am using this below statement to specify the patch interaction for all the walls which is applying a escape boundary condition in all the walls.

patchInteractionModel standardWallInteraction;
type escape; // stick, escape, rebound
e 0.5; // optional - elasticity coeff
mu 0.0; // optional - restitution coeff

I would also like to calculate the mass of the droplet when it touches the wall and escapes.

cfdsat November 12, 2013 05:54

I hope some expert guide me about the question. Additional questions about spray I have is a) How to access the source of the particle solver for postprocessing and b) How to find the flow velocity at the particle location.
and c) How to make counter of how many particles are escaped from a particular boundary.

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