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jd210 March 20, 2014 07:57

Difference in multiphaseMixture and phaseChangeMixture
Hello Foamers,

I'm encountering a bit of a problem with my compressible, multiphase, phase change code.

I'm using phaseChangeTwoPhaseMixture to simulate a phase change, this then saves it's volume fraction to it's variables sort of as normal. I then use multiphaseMixture to calculate position of all spices. Both work separately exactly as I want them to however when I put them together multiphaseMixture does not seem to recognise what has been saved by the phase change model or vice versa depending on how my create fields is written.

I think this is because the IOobjects save in different registries, phaseChange in mesh and multiphaseMixture in U.mesh()

What i'm wondering is is it possible to make them work together? (guessing it must be) and if so does anyone have any suggestions of how to do this? is it better to get phasechange to save in the U.mesh() registry or multiphaseMixture in the mesh registry? Any suggestions on how this would be done would also be fantastic.

Thank you in advance.

jd210 March 24, 2014 05:46

I think I've decided the best way to do this is to modify twoPhaseMixture to register in the U.mesh registry, however this is proving tricky, has anyone managed to do it before and can make some suggestions?


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