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nikhil r March 23, 2014 13:55

Adding a new Interfacial model in compressibleTwophaseeulerfoam
Hi all,

I want to add a mass transfer model to bring out the effect of evaporation in two phase solver. Heat transfer Model already exists as an Interfacial model. So, I just copied it and renamed all the occurrence of heat to mass to start with. Accordingly I have added the header files in the main file and created one field for mass transfer coefficient as done for heat transfer coefficient. But while compiling I am getting the following error.

-lincompressibleTransportModels -lcompressiblePhaseModel -lcompressibleEulerianInterfacialModels -lcompressibleKineticTheoryModel -lfiniteVolume -lmeshTools -lOpenFOAM -ldl -lm -o /home/Ashwani/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-2.1.1/platforms/linux64GccDPOpt/bin/MycompressibleTwoPhaseEulerFoam
Make/linux64GccDPOpt/MycompressibleTwoPhaseEulerFoam.o: In function `main':
MycompressibleTwoPhaseEulerFoam.C:(.text+0x339a): undefined reference to `Foam::massTransferModel::New(Foam::dictionary const&, Foam::GeometricField<double, Foam::fvPatchField, Foam::volMesh> const&, Foam::phaseModel const&, Foam::phaseModel const&)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [/home/Ashwani/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-2.1.1/platforms/linux64GccDPOpt/bin/MycompressibleTwoPhaseEulerFoam] Error 1
Am I missing some steps in compiling. I have already made the necessary changes in the make file, which should be done while adding a new model.

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