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marc.immer March 25, 2014 11:43

functionObject to control run time

I created a functionObject that helps me run computations on a cluster queue that has a limited run time.

The functionObject stops the solver 10 minutes before the cpu time reaches the cluster time limit using a time.stopAt(Time::saWriteNow); command in the execute() function.

After that it calls a script in the end() call and resubmits the run on the cluster queue.

The Problem is: if the openFoam run finishes normally, the last time step is not written to disk. I would like to solve this.

My idea so far: detect in execute() if the next time step is the last one and call time.stopAt(Time::saWriteNow); However this does not work, as functionObjects are then not called at the last time step. I though of just increasing endTime by one timestep. But I cant access the function Foam::Time::setEndTime from a function object?

I'm happy for any ideas...


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