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alisina-s April 5, 2014 16:25

how to implement these equations
Hi everybody
I want to solve 2below equations that some how coupled to each other
Do you have any idea how can I solve this problem without using "blockCoupledScalarTransport"
dT/dt + d/dx(Uk) = 0
dk/dt + d/dx(UT) = 0
I want to use vectors or tensors,
I was thinking to define a vector a(T ,k) and a'(k ,-T) and then solve da/dt + da'/dx = 0
do you know how can I implement this in openfoam?
Thanks in advance,

manju819 April 10, 2014 09:34

Hi Alsina
Are they PDE's are ODE's? ...

If they are PDE's then take k from old time it becomes linear and solve for T and then solve for K with new T .


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