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vitors April 9, 2014 13:52

Add a FORTRAN object to wmake compilation directives
Dear all,

I'm having problems to call a simple Fortran function from my solver.

I tested the fortran function from a simple C++ main file and it works. To be able to compile and link this simple example, I simply did:


gfortran -c q.f90
g++ -o main main.cpp q.o

My next step was to try to add these commands to wmake and I'm stucked.

(I've tried this thread, but nothing)

After manually compiling the fortran file, I added to my solver Make/options file this:



And copied to .o file to the $(FOAM_USER_LIBBIN) folder.

When calling wmake I got the linking error below:


/home/vitors/workspace/.../chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam.C:84: undefined reference to `heatflux_'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

As long as I know, this is a linking error. The Fortran code is well referenced in my .C file as extern "C" and I have no reason to think the error is here since the syntax is exactly the same I have in the simple example.

So, I'm sure my problem is how to set the wmake files in my project to tell the compiler and linker recognize the q.o object and link it to the solver executable.

(I didn't try to add the fortran code as an external lib. Since it's is simple I would like to have it inside the executable).

My I guess my question is: if it is possible, how to add to wmake both fortran code compilation and then link the object to the solver executable using wmake?

Thank you!

vitors April 9, 2014 14:25

Well, I was doing something wrong and after trying again (and a stop for a briefing) I could correctly link the fortran object as described in the thread I mentioned.

After feeling dumb for replying to myself, I think the first part of the question still holds: how to tell to wmake to compile code in Fortran?

I'm checking the scripts in $(WM_PROJECT_DIR)/wmake but nothing yet...

Thank you and sorry for the self-reply.

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