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Sören Sander April 10, 2014 09:44

Adding a new precalculated field to kinematicParcelFoam
Hi everyone,

I am working on the implementation of a new force into the solver icoUncoupledKinematicParcelFoam in OF 2.1.1. I implemented a new force based on known properties of the carrier phase (e.g. the volVectorField U) and it seems to work without bigger problems. The only thing, which I could not figure out, is the implementation of additional fields of the carrier phase that a known a priori (e.g. an electric volVectorField E). I tried to follow the way the velocity field U is integrated to the solver, but all I found was


template <class ParcelType>
inline const Foam::vector& Foam::KinematicParcel<ParcelType>::Uc() const
    return Uc_;

I could not figure out, where Uc is linked to the existing file in the time-folder of the case. I need some additional precalculated fields for my new force. Any hinds on how to implement this into icoUn~foam?

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