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BakedAlmonds June 21, 2016 11:01

RSM model

Can anyone share with me if there is an OpenFOAM tutorial which deals with RSM turbulence modelling?

I read that it is a RAS model, does this means that I can use any existing RAS turbulence model and change it?

usv001 June 26, 2016 04:21

Hi there,

I do not think that there is any specific tutorial. You can try to using the RSM model of your choice. I believe you require 'k' and 'epsilon' files. If there are any errors, OpenFOAM will point it out and you can follow from there. Also, you can refer to the source files to see the fields/coefficients that you can/need to specify in the 'turbulenceProperties' and the RASModel dictionaries.

All the best!:)

(By the way, I have not tried any RSM models before.)

BakedAlmonds June 26, 2016 06:39

Hi, not too sure about tutorial, but i came across this awesome vid tutorial and its really helpful. This one in particular covers the use of RSM (or in OF LRR). Other video can also be access via this link.


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