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Thaw Tar June 20, 2018 20:27

Overset mesh for Fluid Structure Interaction in OpenFOAM
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Hello everybody.

I want to use overset mesh for fluid structure interaction like those in the third figure of the attached picture below.

I think Official OF1706 or OF1712 do not have fluid structure interaction facilities like fsiFoam available for foam-extend 3.2 or 4.0. Thus, I think it is better to use overset mesh with foam-extend.

I asked Prof. Hrvoje Jasak for overset code in Foam-Extend. He kindly provided me with Foam-Extend 4.1 code (It is not officially released yet. But you can email to Prof. Jasak if you want to try).

But as far as I understand, this code focuses on solid body motion rather than deformed patches. For me, I need to deform the overset mesh while the background mesh is not changed. In other words, the whole overset domain (I am not sure I should use the word 'domain') should deform properly so that I can maintain mesh quality.

I guess I need to write a mesh motion solver for overset mesh region.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Michael@UW July 21, 2020 12:53

Hello Thaw,

Did you figure out how to deform the overset body?

In addtion, do you know how to deform the background mesh with overset? I try to use overset mesh in a deforming background mesh.

I noticed dynamicOversetFvMesh is derived from dynamicMotionSolverFvMesh which means overset should be able to coupled with dynamic motion solver like velocity/dispalcementLaplacian. But I do not know how to set up the dynamicMeshDict. Do I need write code to integrate overset with deforming?

Thank you!

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