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mkhm October 3, 2018 12:14

How to create a function object in OpenFoam that runs properly ?
Dear foamers,

I want to implement a new function object. This one is very similar to the reactionSensitivityAnalysis available in the Openfoam version 1806. As I have my modified solver in OpenFoam 4.x. I wanted to first compile this function object reactionSensitivityAnalysis in openfoam 4.x. and after modify it. I don't have any errors when compiling it. However, when I include the lib in the controlDict:


        libs                ("");
        type                psiReactionThermoMoleFractions;//psiReactionsSensitivityAnalysis;
        writeControl        writeTime;

I have following warning :


  69 Courant Number mean: 1.46699e-05 max: 0.000942628
  70 --> FOAM Warning :
  71    From function bool Foam::functionObjectList::read()
  72    in file db/functionObjects/functionObjectList/functionObjectList.C at line 671
  73    Caught FatalError

  75 Unknown function type psiReactionsSensitivityAnalysis

and postProcessing folder is not created.

Could you please help me ? This function Object functioning becomes a real mystery to me. Could someone explain how these postProcessing tool of openFoam work ?[COLOR=inherit !important]

wyldckat October 20, 2018 17:16

Quick answer:
  1. Run the following command inside the main folder of your modified source code:

  2. Then package the whole folder of your modified source code.
  3. Then attach it to your next post, so that it's a lot easier and faster to diagnose the problem.
Because there are too many possible reasons for this to not work, based on the information you've provided. My best guess is that you're not using the correct type name, because it has to be the exact same name that is defined in the ".H" file, in the line where "runtime" type is defined.

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