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charryzzz April 13, 2020 19:16

Thermodynamic data using the CEA (9-coefficients) polynomial format
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Hi Foamers!

Recently, I found that the enthalpy value of aluminum (in gas phase) calculated by the 7-coefficients polynomial in chemkin format has a large error compared with JANAF database (see

On the contrary, the 9-coefficients CEA polynomial function works (see, much better.

Please see the attached fig, circles indicate experimental data and CEA 9-co indicates the result calculated by CEA polynomial function and Chemkin 7-co indicates the result calculated by 7-coefficients polynomial in CHEMKINThermoFile, x axis represents the temperature and y axis represent the enthalpy of aluminum with reference temperature of 298.15K

So: did anyone implement this 9-coefficients CEA function in OF? or is there any way to implement this function in OF?


charryzzz May 6, 2020 04:19

Sorry, I found I made a mistake in calculating the enthalpy, the 7-coefficent chemkin polynomial works as good as CEA polynomial in the temperature range of 300- 5000K

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