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Kaazem_RA August 20, 2020 14:25

wallImpactDistance function in of6 and of7
Hi everyone
I am trying to develop a piece of code for non-spherical particle tracking in openfoam. In order for a non-spherical particle to interact with the walls in the domain, there exist a minimum distance which for spherical particle is equal to d/2 (d is particle diameter). The wallImpactDistance function in of5 and earlier versions return this distance but this function does not exist in latest versions (of6, of7 and of8). I want to modify this function so that it returns the wall impact distance for non-spherical particles. Does anyone know what function i should use in of6 or latest versions. In fact i do not know what function the developers have added after removing wallImpactDistance function. Your help on this problem is greatly appreciated.

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