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Fauster November 30, 2020 12:17

How to multiply volScalarField and fvScalarMatrix ?
Dear Foamers,

I am interested in multiplying or dividing a fvScalarMatrix by a volScalarField.
In a case of a fvc operator like fvc::div or fvc::laplacian the code compiles.

For example :

volScalarField alpha(...);

-> ok for compilation

Unfortunately when it comes to implicit operator (fvm) the code doesn't compile :


-> ERROR at compilation

How can we solve this issue ? Am I asking something unrealistic ? In a pure mathematical way it makes sense. But OpenFOAM doesn't seem to like it.

All help would absolutely be helpful.


Onurb December 1, 2020 14:10

Hello Fauster,

laplacian is misspelled.

Fauster December 2, 2020 05:57


Originally Posted by Onurb (Post 789483)
Hello Fauster,

laplacian is misspelled.

Sorry Onurb. I made a mistake when writing the text but in the code this is


I can copy paste the message error at compilation but for me it's like this is not authorized by OpenFOAM.
For example if you try to do something like fvc::interpolate(surfaceScalarField).

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