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ivan_cozza July 9, 2009 10:19

A Parallelization Issue
Hi Foamers,
I wrote a synthetic turbulence model that is based on a filter equation, so:

u(x,y,z) = Int over Vol (A(x',y',z')*K(x',y',z')*u'(x',y',z') dV)

Int is integral, and Vol is a portion of the volume around the cell (x,y,z).
The code is ok for scalar computation, now I would like to parallelize it.
The problem is that, as you can see, the filter equation require informations from several neighbouring cells. I thought that one possible approach is to save the needed cells that are across a processor boundary at the beginning, and then pass with Pstream them on run time. Could it be a sufficient solution? And, can I access, for each single processor, a "global" mesh index?

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