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wavytracy September 2, 2009 17:29

Floating object with 6DoF in InterDyMFoam
Hi All,

I'm relatively new to OpenFOAM. So far, I've managed to set up a wave tank using groovyBC in interFoam and I have found the sixDOFSolver in the dev version and the sloshingTank tutorials in interDyMFoam (-1.6).

However, I don't understand how I would go about implementing the six degrees of freedom on a floating object in my wave tank? Could anyone give me an outline please?

Thank you in advance.


albcem September 11, 2009 01:39

Are you in the Boston area? I can show you a solution I cooked up.

Ralph M November 5, 2010 11:28

Hi Cem and Tracy,

Did you already managed to get a nice solution? I'm working on a similar problem but my code explodes. Working now with OF 1.7.1 where I make use of interDyMFoam; seems not a very good approach :S

Looking forward hearing from you!

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