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tomislav_maric October 25, 2009 13:55

mesh/geometry programming
Hello everyone,

I will be doing some geometrical calculations in OpenFOAM and I would like to develop on the existing objects. face.mag() is a nice example. How can I instantiate a face in my application? Face constructors take labelList for an argument, and it is not clear how the labels of this labelList are connected to the list of points. Any advice?

kathrin_kissling October 26, 2009 03:53

Hi Tomislav,

what I found is this

It refences the order of the lables of points in one face (I think so)
// Basic rule: we assume that the sequence of labels in each list
// will be circular in the same order (but not necessarily in the
// same direction or from the same starting point).

It can be found in src/OpenFOAM/meshes/meshShapes/face/face.C
Deep down in the static member function there is on function which
compares two faces. And there is this rule. It starts at line 306.
There might be more useful routines for your project :)

Best regards!


tomislav_maric October 26, 2009 05:20

hi kathrin,

thanks for your answer. by the way, I'm in Munich, alive and well and I'll be coming to the Stammtisch in Stuttgart. Regarding your question:

1. of course it's the list of labels, and right now I don't need the face comparison :)

2. my problem was: what list of points are these labels from?

There seems to be a global pointList, and the labels are actually positions in that list. This is kind of a problem, because I don't want a global list of points in the registry, I want to create my own face when ever I want. That means that I will have my own point list and I need to make the face recognize the labels from that list. I'm digging through it right now.

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