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lth December 7, 2009 11:31

Help with RotatingWall velocity BC
Dear Foamers,

Want to run a mesh of a rotating wall with an inner screw and have the wall pull the fluid past the screw. I tried to import the movingRotatingWallVelocity BC into my OF V1.5 but cannot get working.

Not a programmer!!! but willing to look into the code and can see that the 1.5dev is coded different than a similar bc in V1.5
(movingWallVelocityFvPatchVectorField). Would like to be able to make this mesh move and learn the proper steps to recode my BC to do this and am following:

However, I am abit confused and wonder if someone would clear up these statements for me?

For the new choice to become available, it needs to be instantiated:confused: and linked
with the executable.
Beware of the defaultFvPatchField problem: verify code with print

Thankyou, Lori Holmes

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